'In Light of those you love'

'In Light of Those You Love' 2017, Nicole Guarino Photography

Love masks things; it distorts reality and can blind the truth. ‘In Light of Those You Love’ is a dramatic piece of dance theatre, which exposes what is thought to be a loving relationship for a toxic cycle. Portrayed is two destructive individuals, broken by society, thriving off insanity. The characters, Tom and Katherine Heath, feed off their partner’s pain but neither one is worse then the other.


‘ILOTYL’ is a ghost story where the characters are caught between their dreams and reality, a twisted hell of manipulation. They are insane, they no longer have a clear perception of what there lives should be, what love should be and we live that journey with them. The piece hopes to portray the delusion of an outsider’s perspective compared to the reality of the characters destructive fantasies played out in private.

© 2017 By Retrospect Dance Theatre

London - England