During this entire process I have thoroughly enjoyed making my character, Katherine Heath, into an actual living person. Katherine is a strong individual who sticks by her morals and her marriage. Unlike Tom, Chris’ character, whose personality always seems to be slightly off kilter, Katherine’s personality definitely shifts as the narrative unravels. This has been interesting to work with as it has allowed me to play around with many different reactions Katherine would have in specific situations and has meant that I have had to key into many different emotions using past and present experiences. This was daunting at first, especially during the creation process, as rather then simply portraying that emotion, Chris and I are striving to make that emotion real to us and then to our audience. By doing this, you are opening yourself up completely to another person/group of people, which is very scary, as you can’t hide behind Katherine’s character if you are Katherine. She may have allowed love to break her mind, but she is definitely not a broken women. Again this idea has brought depth to discovering who Katherine is, and has meant that even in times of venerability I have been able to address a sense of control over what is happening to me/her or the situation I have found myself in. Although this project has come with its own fears, the rewards are unfathomable. After each rehearsal, run-through and performance I have learnt more about myself, about Katherine and particularly about being honest to both of them, something which is very important to the work that Chris and I create.


‘In Light of Those You Love’ has grown from a 5-minute duet to a complete exploration for Chris and I as performers. I could not imagine 6 months after the idea was born, I would be creating work I am truly passionate about and performing it to national and international audiences, this is something I am truly grateful for.