Method acting requires personal involvement in character development. My character in 'In Light of Those You Love' is in emotional turmoil and a lucid state of depression. He has been struggling for a long time and is frustrated within himself which is then reflected on his situation with Hannah's character, Katherine. Driven by insanity Tom hates himself, his wife and the situation they are living, this is shown through his acts of physical abuse and degrading tone. 

I personally have never been in a abusive relationship, therefore my personal involvement with the character comes from a time when I was battling myself. Personally this is an area of my life that I find hard to talk about, so used the the emotions and self hatred I experienced to fuel my character. The oppression came from the voice in my head which caused feelings of self-doubt and a worthlessness that affected my confidence both as a dancer and person. This abuse came from the situation I was in at the time relating to the people I surrounded myself with and issues with my body. I am not looking for sympathy here but using this as a reflection and addressing why these feeling have made my character strong. These memories are what makes my character present and the choreographic process has been a great experience for me to address these issues in my life. 


Every time we perform I feel like I'm addressing these issues and instead of abusing Hannah I'm targeting myself which is why the piece means so much to me personally and the reason each time it doesn't get easier to perform. The piece is a way for me to address these issues by indirectly performing them to an audience who doesn't know my situation as I'm using a character.


Using these ideas means the piece is a very real experience for me and makes me feel horrible which is good as its a familiar feeling. This technique of re-experiencing emotion aims to create the highest sense of realism, a performance that is not false or pretend.