Method Acting:

A Choreographic Process

The co-creators are two very passionate individuals who want to use art to define issues in society from past to present day. Christopher and Hannah have developed a creative process where choreographically the movement and ideas are generated from techniques used by ‘method actors.’ These techniques came from theatrical genius Konstantin Stanislavski (1863-1938) and method acting pioneer, teacher and performer Lee Strasberg (1901-1982); the main techniques the company uses are Strasbergian.


This choreographic process started with Christopher who prior to RSDT had been establishing this choreographic style through his training at Rambert School and wrote his dissertation on this concept and the psychological effects 'method acting' can have on performers, essentially assessing whether it is worth sacrificing an artists sanity to achieve the optimum performance.


The concept of infusing dance and method acting is a new way for generating movement and aims to show dance in its most honest and human form.  Stylistically this idea has been a big influencer  in generating the work for RSDT. 

There are lots of dance companies that require dancers to act but using method acting generates movement from an honest place making the performance more realistic and relatable to given situations. For example the dancer is not required to play the character they are portraying but has to become it instead. By working like this the dancer has to really feel emotions and live through the eyes of their character, they can do this by re-experiencing emotions they have already felt. This is how dance is portrayed in a realistic way.