The work of the company aims to be immersive for the performers and the audience both physically and emotionally. This is to establish a true connection between the performers and audience to themes of the work and creates a relatable experience to current affairs of the world and historical elements of the company’s work. The use of film is prominent for the company. Christopher and Hannah are very interested in the cinematography and artistic composition of film and feel there is a lack of dance film work, that is not only informative but also beautifully constructed through movement to shed light on the importance of subject matters relating to human relationships, history and society. During RSDT performances dance films will be shown to accompany the physical, live work providing the audience with information relating to the narrative and characters of the performance. These sections will be filmed on location and not in a studio to fuel the company’s ethos of realism.


The co-creators are influenced by the works of David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, Baz Luhrmann and Wes Anderson (to name a few) for the theatrical, Hollywood-noir composition that is created on screen transporting their audiences to another place, time or period. The companies work aims to emulate a cinematic feel to their productions from minute details with costume and set to theatrical drama of the subject matter and brutality of movement. Christopher and Hannah also spend a lot of time looking at plays and their movement direction, especially works of Tennessee Williams and adaptations of writer Oscar Wilde for the expressive views on human relationships and their dark themes.


Richard Yates, one of America’s great twentieth century realist writers focuses on relationships and writes deeply affecting stories about conforming to society and struggling and living with broken dreams. The novels of Yates have inspired both Christopher and Hannah and their most recent work ‘In Light of Those You Love’. 

Production Shot for 'In Light of Those You Love' by Nicole Guarino, The Salon, White Lodge.

'In Light of Those You Love' 2017, Nicole Guarino Photography