'Retrospect Dance Theatre have created an intelligent and

highly engaging piece of dance theatre.' 

By Dominic Rocca, Mark Bruce Company

Initially performed as part of Hannover International Choreographic Competition, Retrospect Dance Theatre's first feature performance of In 'Light of Those You Love' premiered on 28th of September. Exploring themes of isolation and loss, the show pulls in its audience as witnesses to the toxic remanence of a relationship between two characters, played by company founders Christopher Thomas and Hannah McGlashon. 

The piece is driven by the breakdown of sanity and empathy between the two protagonists. The bitter atmosphere created is all consuming and inescapable. The Gothic walls candlelit Asylum Chapel in Peckham is highlighted through film projection throughout the performance, reflecting the decaying psyches of the characters. A feeling of being trapped, as they are, within the minds of the pair grows within you. The atmosphere is pushed further through the intense performances by Christopher and Hannah. The fast, intricate choreography and sharp dialogue between the two throw fragments of information to the audience as to the cause for their sorrow. Like any good mystery novel, the suspense is kept until the final moment. 


Retrospect Dance Theatre have created an intelligent and highly engaging piece of dance theatre. Its exciting to think how this company may grow and develop in the future.