Creating a twisted hell of manipulation 

The 50's was a very important era for the world, this was a period of time where societies were recovering from the destruction of war, communities where struggling, people were told to conform to society which caused the rebelling of young people, there were still definite acts of racism, abuses against homosexuality, inequality between the sexes and highly aggressive acts in the family home. The company has decided to use this work as an outlet to shed light on some issues of the past. The creators believe that people struggled to be heard due to the lack of social media, blogs, art and different mediums we have now to spread awareness, the term 'suffering in silence' comes to mind.


The piece is set in the 50s and is a collaboration between dance, theatre, spoken word and cinematic film. The costumes and set are tailored to the era, this also shown through the music. The films will be projected during the piece as this project aims not only to be a development of choreography and contemporary dance, but also a theatrical composition of multimedia. The dance films are vital to the production as they provide flashbacks within the couples relationship and specifically draw on one event that creates the downward spiral that corrupts the characters sub-conscious. Artistically the piece is set with low lighting as the natural shadow it creates relates to the dark place in which the individuals are thriving in. We want on-seers to be drawn into our limbo where there is uncertainty as to what will come out of the shadows.