'Retrospect Dance Theatre have created an intelligent and

highly engaging piece of dance theatre.' 

Mary Mannion

Running since 2015, Pitch. returns to The Point for an evening of five carefully selected works, programmed and produced by Luke Brown and Ashley Hind.

The second concept dealt with a question surrounding ‘the definition of insanity’. The piece candidly displayed a violent domestic between a man and a woman lit on the diagonal. Retrospect Dance Theatre made up of Hannah McGlashon and Christopher Thomas executed the well-trodden theme of domestic violence with integrity as they moved to their own spoken text typical of such an episode. Tenderness was displayed fleetingly between angry outbursts of contact work and the couple performed an outstanding physicalisation of the issue dealt with. In Light of Those You Love commented directly on the idea that we punish those we hold dearest, and questioned the necessity for it. As the violence is heavily spouted from both characters, is it insanity we are witnessing or something more fundamental to cathartic existence? The cleverly crafted philosophical work showed the performers wiping their grey face painted masks off. The work reminded me of a quote from ‘The Course of Love’, by Alain De Botton: “We don’t need to be constantly reasonable in order to have good relationships; all we need to have mastered is the occasional capacity to acknowledge with good grace that we may, in one or two areas, be somewhat insane.”